lunes, 11 de mayo de 2015

Ryker semifinalista en 'Dancing With The Stars'

Lynch ha sido como la marca de esta temporada en 'Dancing With Stars'. La prensa comenta que ha tenido sus altas y bajas, aun asi, casi todas sus calificaciones han sido extremadamente altas! Eso nos da gusto por los fans! y por favor voten!

Now Lynch is in the semi-finals of the show and there's word that he may dance a bit with cousin and show judge Julianne Hough because tonight features "Judges' Pick". E! News reports that: During tonight's show, fans are in for a treat as we can exclusively reveal Julianne will be dancing with Riker and his professional partner Alison Holkerduring their Argentine Tango and we cannot be more excited as we love Julianne's dancing just as much as her judging skills! So how do you think Lynch will hold up against his pro cousin Hough?


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